Our subsidiaries


Specialised in transport in the Pays de la Loire region

The GTH company

GTH was founded by Jean-Michel Schorn in 2003 and is based in Haguenau in the Grand Est region. The company specialises in heavy goods transport, particularly in traditional groupage and full truck chartering.

GTH transports all types of goods, and offers various solutions mainly in the western part of France, the Loire region and Brittany, as well as in Europe.

GTH and the BOUCHÉ Group

After the purchase of the HUBER companies, and still in a logic of expansion, the BOUCHÉ Group was looking for a second external growth. The opportunity arose with the offer to buy the company GTH, also based in Haguenau like HUBER. The GTH company now brings a capital of 5 million euros in turnover to the BOUCHÉ Group, as well as 30 employees and 30 vehicles. The incorporation of the GTH company into the BOUCHÉ Group also enables it to extend its market in France, particularly in the Pays de la Loire region.

GTH services

GTH’s transport and chartering services cover three main geographical areas in France and Europe: Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Germany.


The different GTH transport services are

  • traditional groupage (grouping of products belonging to several customers in a single truck)
  • full trucks
  • transport of industrial products of all kinds
  • transport of food products
  • temperature-controlled transport
  • customs clearance

The various chartering services of GTH are

  • special transports (industrial logistics)
  • special vehicles
  • project and feasibility studies
  • price optimisation
  • other solutions on request


The BOUCHÉ subsidiaries and their key dates

  • 2003 creation of GTH
  • 2023 acquisition of Groupe Bouché by GTH

The expertise of the Bouché subsidiaries


Specialised in temperature-controlled transport North East and Germany


Specialised in transport in the Pays de la Loire region